Erynn and Rays Wedding!

This was SUCH a fun wedding! I can't even tell you how much I LOVE Eyrnn (the Bride). Her and I became close. I even went to her wedding! She was so great to work with. Her personality is to die for, and her taste is even better. Everything about her day was lovely. She used orange, green, and white. She wanted white pumpkins. HOW MUCH FUN!

I got the COOLEST magnate holder things for boutanniers, and coursages!

Centerpieces in a white pumpkin.

Her bouquet
Green pom balls for the asile. There were two HUGE arrangments at the front. The photographer got better pictures than me. As soon as he sends them to me...I will post some more.

Guest book table.


Josh and Amy

This wedding turned out SO much better than I could have imagined! I mean, I knew it was going to be good, but then I was just so happy with the way everything came together.
I met with Amy about 5 or 6 months ago, and she wanted an earthy feel. Her colors were burnt orange and a deep dark plum! Perfect for fall. She was completely open to artichokes, and moss! What more could I ask for? I love MOSS, and I seriously love incorporating fruits in arrangements. I asked her if she was ok with lots of greenery....I love different kinds of greenery. She was all about using different, and unique kinds of greenery.
We decided on circus roses, dalihs, artichokes (dark purple, and green), plum calla lilies (we almost didn't get these b/c they were going to be 3$ a head!!!! But last min freddie (my go to guy at the flower shop) gave me an AMAZING deal on some!), moss, seeded eucalyptus, some kind of plum/green greenery, and fern shoots. Fern shoots are some of my FAVORITE things to work with. They are the brown curly things coming out of some of the arrangements. They are totally live...isn't that amazing? I think they were the finishing touch, they added the perfect whimsical feel!

This is the only picture I remember to take of the bouquets. It is her throw bouquet. I really like the way it looks to fall-lisious!
This is FRESH LIVE moss! Straight from Oregon....I seriously saw earth worms in the dirt on the other side! I was really excited to get it.

I really liked this one. I loved how simple it was. And we all know how much I love using sticks as mock basket handles (I pretty much do it every time I arrange anything).

All in all this was an amazing experience. Amy and Josh were so lovely. They were so nice and even gave me a bottle of nice white wine, and a gift card to target. I was seriously so thoughtful. They were a delight to work with, and I love their taste in everything. I hope they had as much fun looking at their arrangements as I did making them!


I love MOSS!

My name is Jami Pitts, and I am addicted to moss. Serioulsy....I love it. Take a look!


I found the camera!

Remember how I had some super cute arrangements, but the camera that took the pictures was MIA? Well I found it!

Here they are....

Are you dying at these garden roses? I just discovered them. I love them!

I did this arrangement as trade. Remember how I did red roses with coffee beans for a wedding with Evan Prince? Well he does hair too, and he is really good...I mean REALLY good. So I asked if I could possibly put together an arrangement for his lovely wife, in trade for a hair cut (a much needed hair cut). He was so nice to agree.

This arrangement was for the same funeral. My parents wanted to send flowers, and my mom was very specific in her request
Mom: "don't make it look like funeral flowers!"
So this is what I came up with! I love it! It was for a lovely girl named Jill, whom I loved as well. I think that Jill would have liked this arrangement.


Did you think I was ever coming back?

I really have done some arrangements since last I wrote. The problem is ME, taking pictures of them!

BUT, way back in spring I did some really fun Valentines arrangements. I didn't really advertise this year, but a couple of close friends gave me a call. They ended up being some of my favorite arrangements EVER! Seriously, spring is so cheerful. I hope their sweethearts loved them as much as I loved making and looking at them.

Don't they make you smile?

I also did a wedding, and some funeral flowers. They turned out AMAZING (if I do say so myself). BUT I took the pictures on a camera that is MIA right now. So in till it is found you will just have to take my word for it...

BUT I will leave you with something fun. Since winter gardens are officially OVER, my mom pulled up all of her carrots. Can you even believe what a fun summer arrangement they made? I loved it. Some might not get into garden flowers in Mason Jars, but I live for such things.

When they went to seed it almost looked similar to queenanns lace? In till next time...

PS: I have some SUPER fun October wedding that I am thinking about. I can't wait!


Custom Order

This is a custom order I did for a lady that I met at a Boutique I did. I love the way it turned out!



I LOVE the coffee beans in these centerpieces. I wish I could say that I thought of it myself...but I didn't! The brides sister in law had the genius idea.

Every time I do a wedding I am always strapped for flowers. I am always wondering if I will have enough to finish (it always works out...but it is a close call). THIS wedding, the bride got SO many roses. I seriously had so much creative leeway!

After finishing her bouquet, bridal flowers, and all 10 centerpieces, I still had like 6 dozen roses left!

I had the pleasure of working with Evan Prince. He sure does have an eye for what looks good. We put together a huge arrangement. I couldn't have done it without him...he seriously can do anything!


This last weekend I was able to participate in the cutest little boutique! Jeannie Price puts on "My favorite things", and she was kind enough to ask me to come! It was perfect, and I think that it helped get my name around.
Here are some of the arrangements that I put out. The pictures look foggy? I don't know why, but maybe someday I will learn how to use my camera!

Can I just say how much I LOVE pears? This is now sitting on my mantel...and I want it to stay there forever!


What to do?

At my church the women get together to do something together quarterly. This last time they did a "my favorite things". You are suppost to bring something that you love, and then pass it along to someone. I love so many things, but of course...I do love flowers the most.

Since I am poor, and flowers aren't free, I got some pears out of my fridge. I had some left over moss from a previous flower job. Here is the result....

I want to make one for my kitchen table!



Heather is one of my greatest friends. She wanted something for her sister.

I have always wanted to do an arrangement in a pumpkin. I thought now was as good of time as any!

Brown/Glass wedding

This wedding was so much fun to do. The theme was fall. Melanie (who I grew up with) was such a laid back bride. She basically gave me the go ahead on whatever I wanted to do.

I am TERRIBLE at remembering to take pictures. Wedding stress me out to the max (just ask my husband). So when it comes time to take the pictures, I always forget. I forgot to take pictures of her bouquet, but I did get some of the centerpieces.

I think they turned out great. I was just in charge of the flowers. They got those gorgeous urns from the Wright House. I think the flowers and urn really complement each other!

Hopefully they got some pictures of the bridal flowers.